March 30, 2010

Adsense - the $3.2 billion business !

yes, as mentioned in the title, AdSense is paying about 3.2 billion dollars* per year for publishers like me and you, still not a million dollar business, but at least you can earn hundreds of dollars monthly from a small website, or thousands of dollars monthly from a medium / large website,  depending to several factors.

many people asks the question : how we hear about some sites owners that make living just from displaying AdSense ads on their website?

first of all let me present the most used AdSense strategies :

1- niche of your site, though AdSense displays ads relevant to the content, so if your site talks about insurance, AdSense will pay you a good money for every click, that's around 0.35$-100$ per click!
inversely, a website about non profitable topic doesn't worth, and won't make you good money because you earn only little cents for each click, and in most of the cases don't cover the site's expenses .

2- good keywords and good spread of this keywords is important for Google to help them place the most relevant ads in your website, something that will increase the PPC (pay per click).

3- placement of the ads is one of the most important factors, ads that appears in the top of the page will not get a small number of clicks, and conversely, placing ads in the end of an article or post gets the best results. this is statistically true, but it may differ from site to another, according to the topic, design, niche,  etc...
in this article Google presents some tips about optimal ad units sizes, don't miss it.  

4- it is recommended to make the ads not look like ads! , that means to blind the ads colors but not too much. visitors don't like websites with a lot of ads, so try to put one or two units on each page, with suitable colors for the title and text.

         * according to unofficial sources.

therefore, if you implement these principles, you will notice a big difference with the CTR (click trough rate). then, remains the matter of driving traffic.

still don't have good income ? are you tired of earning only 200$ a month? do you want to earn living from AdSense ? just like those people who make money while sleeping ?

here what they do:

firstly, they build a website with own domain name, they write all of  the content, and of course they cover a specific topic, places the ads in the website and then optimize it for search engines.

till now we have nothing new, maybe you earn 100$ or 1500$ monthly from one single site, what most of us do is that they invest most of their time on one site, something that may waste precious  time and money!
instead of maximizing the site quality from 80% to 95% , go and launch another 80% website, optimize it, monetize and then get ready to launch the next site, that way you will keep doubling your income.

it is important that you link your site from another famous websites, it should appear in the first 10 results in google, so you make sure that enough visitors are entering the site. just then you can move to the next step.

that way, all your sites are optimized and having good traffic and what you have to do is just to keep launching new sites with high quality content.

and for the best results, you can start a blog and cover all or most of your sites topics, and occasionally link to one or two of your sites in order to stay updated with the visitors comments about the sites.

i am starting now, what about you?

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