April 10, 2010

Blogging Heroes p.2

Peter Rojas - Engadget
Don't try to jump to number one in your field immediately. a slow start allows you to make the inevitable mistakes when few people are looking.
John Neff - Autoblog
To bring new readers, work up new subjects to write about.
Ken Fisher - Ars Technica
Write what you feel rather than trying to appeal to a certain group.
Deborah Petersen - Life in the fast lane
Blog from your heart
Joel Comm - Joelcomm.com
Blogging effects are not limited to the web or technology - it can also affect local or regional events.
Brian Lam - Gizmodo
Check your facts before you publish.
Kristin Darguzas - Parent Dish
Soliciting readers feedback can generate new ideas for posts.
Chris Grant - Joystiq
Delivering timely information will keep readers coming back.
Scott Mcnulty - The unofficial Apple weblog
Don't write anything in a blog that you wouldn't say to someone face-to-face.
Philipp Lenssen - Google blogoscoped
Clear sensible titles make it easier for readers to scan your content and more likely to return to scan and read again.


Ryan Biddulph said...

Awesome nuggets David. It pays to take the advice of the masters.


David said...

Absolutely Ryan, it's a great book with amazing conclusions from years of blogging and internet marketing!

thank you for the comment :)