May 2, 2010

Google Insights application for SEO

It is important to have top searched keywords in your posts or articles on your site, but the more important is that the searches amount for these keywords is increasing and not declining. In this post i will show you a powerful tool to help you predict the future long-term success of your keywords used for SEO.

I know that must of the readers know what i'm talking about, but sure there are some people who don't know about the existance of such a free helpful tool .

It is called Google Insightswhere we can learn a lot about search trends and even about changing direction of perception of millions setting behind PC's, for example:

The term "online business" has been searched 2,240,000 times in the last month according to Google keyword tool (you can read about it in my Free E-Book), however, using Google Insights we can see that the amount of searches for this phrase is constant!

And inversely, the amount of the phrase "online life" is inreasing and is now greater than the first phrase i mentioned! do you notice the difference between two blogs each one uses one phrase for SEO ?

I think it is now clear, and the following chart can illustrate the difference:

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