March 20, 2010

Making money with Amazon


I'm David and I'm going to discuss and cover most of the topics about making money online, so we gonna learn from each other, it means that i expect to see a lot of comments that contains questions, tips and answers so we can integrate a better understanding of our online businesses, since everyone of us have his own unique point of view.

Actually, lets talk first about  Amazon Mechanical Turk , a marketplace where people who have questions or tasks that they can't accomplish by themselves, they ask for help and gives a price for the job. and what we can do is to sign up as a worker and find an interesting task, make it and  get paid when approved. the cash goes to your Amazon account, and the idea is great!
I've translated some paragraphs from Farsi to English and got paid more than 3$ ,  though it is not a big money, but at least you can make something useful and help others in your  spare time. and it works!

If you have tried this too, let us hear from you about your experience


Blogger said...

i have accomplished a video mission but still waiting for approval!

seems good!!!!

David said...

sometimes it takes time to get approved, but nothing to worry about if you are confident about your answer!

thank you and waiting for your next comment ;)

Blogger said...

finally i got 5.4$

David said...


good beginning, later we will learn about more efficient ways to make money online...

in the next post i will talk about why i choose blogger as my blog provider, so stay in touch...