March 27, 2010

Why Blogger?!

a quick google search for blogging articles would show tens of millions of results sorted by relevance while lets say the first 20 are the most trusted sites containing articles written mostly by professional bloggers and internet marketers.

what i've noticed , and you should, is that most of them are recommending Wordpress service and they value it more highly than Blogger, this is meanwhile true, but remember that Blogger is a Google service and Google are aiming to stay on top, so personally i prefer to be a friend of Google, and i expect more improvements and even surprises in the Blogger service.

Google are improving their services frequently and rapidly so in my opinion, it is better to "Googlize" your business than to look for other alternatives.

recently Google have added an amazing collection of templates to the Blogger in Draft, as you see i've applied one of it on this blog, and here is the official video posted by Google in the Blogger in Draft:

however i don't direct my fire at the competitors of Blogger since some of them are more popular and sophisticated than it, but i'm against the fixed allegation that Blogger is a poor service. i just claim that Blogger has the potential to become the leading blogging service in the world.

so what is your opinion?
it would be nice to hear from you too...

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