April 23, 2010

Drop Shipping: earn money using ebay and dropshipping!

If you've read my free e-book, you can see that i mentioned eBay as a first step for starting online business, but the fact is that if you choose this path, it may return good income, eBay is the virtual mall where hundreds of millions of people visits on a regular basis every month, and there you can have your own products no matter if it is new or used, you just have to sign up for eBay and PAYPAL for free, and to list your product for sale.

But the big question is that where can i get my products from?

I'm sure everyone have a lot of home stuff that he want to get rid of, and it worth money, but after we sell it all, by default we ask ourselves : can i take the risk and purchase a  large quantities to sell on eBay?

OK, i have the answer, it is "DROP SHIPPING".

Drop Shipping  is a supply chain management technique where you sell an item by advertising it on eBay or any other sites or even you very own store website! and what i like is that you don't have to pay for the items you advertise until you sell it, i will explain it now.

Lets say "X" is a drop shipping company, i sign up with them and found a product "Digital Camera" on the company website, the price is 35$ and shipping cost is 10$. that's a total of 45$ cost.
What i do next is going to eBay and search for "digital camera", and Wow! the average price is 80$ that's means that i can sell it with a net profit of 80-45 = 35$ .
Next when "Y" is interested in buying the "Digital Camera" the fist thing he do is sending the money to my PAYPAL account, i receive the payment of 80$ and send the 45$ for the company "X".
"X" takes care of shipping to "Y" address, you are only the middleman!

Big deal right?

However, Drop Shipping is not the perfect way for making money on eBay it has advantages and disadvantage like you see below:

  1. Don't pay until you sell the item.
  2. You don't have to take care of shipping.
  3. No need for warehousing.
  4. No minimum quantity required.

  1. You take responsibility of all the selling process since buyers thinks that you are the dealer.
  2. Little delays in shipping and customer support (rarely).
  3. Competition- you are not the only one who deals with drop shipping company.
  4. You don't see the product and can't provide perfect information to the customer.

After little research i found a good Drop Shipping company that has a lot of advantages, you can start making money by signing up to one of the drop shipping plans and pay one time fee for a lifetime membership. each one of the plans has some of the following features:

  • Instant access to over 1,000,000 wholesale products
  • Live order tracking

  • Order fulfillment and customer support
  • Push items to your eBay account with 1 simple click!
  • The shipment will NOT include our company name anywhere
  • The shipment will NOT We include the price you paid for the merchandise and a lot more!

So what are you waiting for? sign up now and good luck! start earning money.

Wish you a fast & great success


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